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I was quipping this morning and I might have uncovered something useful.
Culture consultant Jamie Notter put out this article and I mentioned to a coworker:
This article is decidedly better than his last, but again, his solution is ‘pay my consultancy’ instead of the obvious possible internal solutions like take a culture survey, do a culture SWOT, invest in fixes, repeat.
The thing I call an ‘obvious possible internal solution’ actually seems like a very basic framework for change in general and it also links well to iteration. The iteration comes from saying ‘repeat.’ Then we have to ask ‘how often?’ If the answer is ‘every one to three weeks’ we significantly overlap with Agile.
About 4% of companies engage in continuous feedback. 60% of companies survey their employees annually. I don’t know whether continuous feedback is a best practice, but it would lend itself to this kind of iterative change framework.
I am releasing an Angular Style Guide and an Angular Development SOP soon, and I’ll also write a 1-3 page overview on how I think agile can be adapted to business tasks and continuous change initiatives.
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