Brackets > Atom

As a developer, working mainly in JS, unwilling to fork out cash, my preferred IDE is Brackets.

Most people would say Atom is better. I object for the following reasons:

  1. Can’t exclude node_modules in many use cases. I shouldn’t have to restructure my application to fit my IDE.
  2. No right-click association in windows explorer, and vice versa: Open in windows explorer by right clicking a file in the IDE.
  3. I prefer the look and feel of Brackets

Notepad++ is OK for super noobs, but code completion and the variety of plugins for Brackets and Atom will make you convert soon enough.

If I wasn’t cheap I would go for JetBrains probably.

For Java I like Eclipse or JetBrains products.

Here are a few cool Brackets extensions:

  1. In the package manager
    1. Beautify
    2. Todo
    3. Emmet
    4. Super Right Click
    5. Node.js bindings
    6. Markdown Toolbar
  2. Install by URL (it’s worth the extra minute)
    1. exclude-folders
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