Voter Manipulation and The Cloward Piven Strategy

Skip forward to 29:47 on this radio archive of Sandy Rios in the Morning.

Continue to watch until the 34:07 mark. About 5 minutes worth. You might play it back once to make sure you got the gist of it.

There is an intentional strategy being implemented by extreme left wing socialist types to collapse America’s political and economic systems and it is being implemented in at least three ways:

1) Registering fraudulent voters such as illegal immigrants or even dead people.
2) Opposing voter integrity legislation, such as ID checks when voting.
3) Swelling welfare program enrollment.

How deep is the corruption to the voting system? Watch this short video and you will see that even the votes of top government officials are easily comprimised:

Another example of the systemic negative effects of these efforts can be observed in voter stupidity. Numbers of uneducated voters are inflated by voter registration drives. These stupid voters easily dilute the power and usefulness of your well informed and thought out vote. Take a look at the following video to see just how dumb some of the people voting, with a vote power equal to yours, are:

This collapse is desired because, according to the Cloward Piven Strategy, a collapse induced this way will result in a popular uprising including demands for socialist governance. They choose Voter Inflation and Welfare Inflation because the first leads usually to more votes for the liberal-controlled democrat party and the second will drive our country bankrupt. They want our country to go bankrupt.

Read more on the Cloward Piven Strategy itself including its authorship, discovery, intentions and modern expressions here.

The strategy is flawed. Even if the economy collapsed America would not demand socialist governance. The creators of this strategy are ideologically extremist wackos, but the effects of their implementations are real and observable. The irony is that the way they implement these destructive goals is by pretending to care about people! They encourage voting and use of welfare, but to abusive extremes.

In addition to this method there is also some evidence of outright voting booth hacking.

Finally, while this article was only meant to really analyze a certain kind of fraud, here are a few articles which serve to help us quantize the bigger picture of overall fraud levels in the US:

Dead people voting in Michigan
Dead people voting in South Carolina
Florida absentee ballot fraud
Possible voter fraud via computer hacking
Possible evidence that computer hacking has occurred

FOX demonstrates the ease of vote hacking:

If the voting machines are hacked it might be the case that all votes are manipulated. Assuming that such a scenario is not the case then we might calculate expected fraud from dead people votes and from absentee ballot abuse in one of two ways. We might assume that fraud only occurs in the states it was found, or we might occur that a regular amount of fraud occurs in every state.

Calculating these two different ways we find that fraud is somewhere between a lowly 1000 votes per election or a more hefty 1026*50 = 51300 votes. Keep in mind that Former President Bush only won by 537 votes. Assuming that vote wasn’t rigged. In fact none of those calculations really matter in light of the fact that all votes might be potentially tampered with because the reporting software is so easily hacked.

In conclusion voter manipulation is very real, but it’s not voter suppression. It’s systematic voter inflation which is generally favored by the left and democrats, coupled with some, and possibly much, outright voter fraud. I advocate higher vote security and investigations of fraud, and I also advocate some sort of measure to prevent stupid people from voting.


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