Sexual Military Reform a Problem

This article highlights the fact that reports of military sexual assault have dramatically increased recently and identifies potential reasons for this.

Bryan Fischer, the radio show host of Focal Point with Bryan Fischer on American Family Radio, pointed out via social media today that a prediction he made has become true:

Fischer Gays Women

I read the linked NY Times article which is available here. Sexual assaults in the military were up by 50% during the October 2012 – June 2013 period over the previous 6 month period. The NY Times tries to portray this uptick as a good thing which is typical of the garbage journalism they conduct.

Bryan’s thesis was that the end of don’t ask don’t tell in September of 2011 would lead to a larger number of gays entering the military as well as an increase in sexual activity inside the military. He’s social media statement seems to imply that women are new to the military, but as someone who has heard his radio show for a while I knew that he was referring to the January 2013 authorization of women specifically into combat roles. Bryan had predicted that allowing women around this rough and rowdy group of combat males would increase negative sexual activity.

In conclusion, Bryan independently predicted from theory that increasing homosexuality in the military and females in combat would lead to an increase in negative sexual activity and new data seems to independently confirm his prediction, despite the politically correct media trying to portray what has occurred as a good thing in some odd way.

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