Re: Wikipedia, “Euromaidan” (!=Spontaneous)

This article covers what I believe are the real reasons for the protests in Ukraine.

Euromaidan is the name the media has given the pro-UN integration movement in Ukraine. As one might predict, the Wikipedia page on the subject has some very good information and also some very bad information. This article is intended to correct the bad information.

The primary source of bad information is that the Wiki page calls the Euromaidan movement a spontaneous movement and hides or does not understand the true source of the movement. A good student of history will learn to be skeptical whenever a movement is called “spontaneous.” People are generally rational, logical and act with coordination and cooperation. Particularly in large social movements like this, it is not impossible that such situations arise spontaneously, but ceteris paribus it is exceedingly unlikely. The chance that movements are coordinated are ceteris paribus and prima facie most appropriately presumed to be coordinated.

In this case, however, there are no assumptions being made. Let’s get away from the general idea and to the specific facts of this case:

  1. Soros Supported Protests Turn Violent in Ukraine
  2. Soros Activists Take Over Ukrainian Government Buildings
  3. Orange Revolution
  4. International Renaissance Foundation
  6. Discover the Networks – George Soros
  7. Why Does Ukraine Seem So Much Like Syria?

1 and 2 demonstrate that George Soros funded groups are driving the protests. Whether they were the initiators or simply added fuel to a fire is beside the point. We would not be where we are today without their influence. 4 and 5 show that they are somewhat open about this; they will admit to wanting Democratic reform and UN cooperation or unity in Ukraine, but as you might suppose they are not admitting to fueling the protests.

3 demonstrates that elements of the Soros Network – and keep in mind it is a whole network, it’s not like he’s doing this himself – have participated and encouraged previous similar actions in Ukraine.

6 and 7 are not evidence one way or the other, but they are related and interesting information.

In conclusion it seems very plausible that Euromaidan is not spontaneous, but rather a result of the Soros Network. Let’s don’t give too much credit to Soros though, he’s just the most visible element and not the worst element per se.


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