Jon Stewart Says Libertarian Conservatism Winning

This article will argue that libertarian conservatism is a thing and that Jon Stewart of The Daily Show considers it to be now controlling the Republican Party.

See the following video:

In this video Krauthammer perfectly represents the moderate and establishment faction of the Republican party which is sometimes called neoconservatism. Stewart of course represents progressives and liberals. While the video is interesting for a number of reasons, I would like to call your attention to 7:45 in the video. Jon says that there is a large group of nihilists that are slowly controlling and consuming the Republican party.

Jon is specifically talking about groups like the Tea Party and people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. I’m going to refer to these people as libertarian conservatives because I have gotten sick and tired of talking about the fact that the term conservative really refers to several groups including people like these guys, social conservatives and neoconservatives among other groups. Instead of using the ambiguous term of conservative and proceeding to explain this phenomenon over and over, let’s just name this group libertarian conservatism.

The label is appropriate because of the ties it has to libertarianism and what is now called the liberty movement. The liberty movement is the result of finding common ground between Tea Party groups and Libertarian Party groups in order to overturn the establishment powers of the Republican Party. I’m sure Krauthammer would disagree, but from Jon’s perspective the libertarian conservatives are winning.

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