Documenting Voter Fraud and Irregularity in the 2020 Election

This article curates content from various sources demonstrating fraud and irregularity in the recent presidential election. This issue is still ongoing in the courts, but at the time of writing there has been some judicial recognition of the problem. There have also been many dismissed allegations.

  1. As of this morning, PA certification results have been appealed to the level of the PA supreme court. Additional details on the PA certification story:
    1. Nov. 25, Forbes, Pennsylvania Court Temporarily Blocks State From Certifying Votes In Response To GOP Challenge
  2. Voter Integrity Project: Findings and Conclusions
    1. Matt Braynard discusses the Voter Integrity Project
  3. EXCLUSIVE: Michigan’s IMPOSSIBLE 173K Anonymous Votes!? | Louder With Crowder
  4. Nov. 23, Father Frank Pavone / Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, Breaking Just Now: Rudy Giuliani lays out President Trump’s Pathways To Victory
  5. Nov, 23, Tim Pool, Constitutional CRISIS Looms As Key Swing States May BLOCK Biden, Trump Could Win Delegation Vote
  6. Nov. 22, Tim Pool, HARD Evidence Of Widespread Fraud Announced By Voter Audit Group, Media And Democrats STILL Deny It

I’ve been particularly interested in Tim Pool’s analysis because I think he takes a balanced approach. Much of the evidence comes from key swing states including GA, PA, and MI, however, these are simply states where research dollars have been targeted. I suspect that vote irregularity, clerical and machine counting errors, illegal voting (without malice), and fraud (with malice) are fairly routine across the states.


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