3 Principals of American Leadership

American leaders need to have a heart for cooperation. The executive branch of government is a branch of government. The executive branch was not designed to create laws or interpret the law. We have other branches for that. Furthermore, the federal government leadership needs to respect and trust the leadership of state government. This whole system job is best done with leaders who have a heart for cooperation.

American leaders need to have a love of freedom. There are those in the government who would like to mandate and plan out every move you take from their high towers, but you deserve better than that. When people are free from such constraints then the economy will flourish and people simply lead more happy and productive lives.

The last and most important standard is that our leaders must have a heart for service. The government should serve Americans instead of intimidating them. The way the IRS has been used as a weapon is disgusting. Not to mention the fact that it completely violates the design of our constitution.

If we do not replace our current leadership with a new leadership which has strong standards we approve, where will it lead? Our country will go in the direction our elected leaders direct it. That is why we must strongly support those rare and valuable candidates who have their heart in the right place.

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