Top 5 Reasons to Choose Christianity

  1. Christianity is true.
    1. Empirically credible and based on real events.
    2. Logically and theologically consistent.
    3. Institutional credibility: It’s old and market-tested.
  2. Christianity puts love first.
    1. Islam: Submission
    2. Buddhism: Minimize suffering.
    3. Christianity: Be Christ-like. This is completely expressed as love.
  3. Christianity is your best return on investment.
    1. Salvation by faith alone.
  4. Christianity improves us individually and socially.
  5. Christianity answers the Big Questions
    1. Who am I? Why am I here?
    2. Some, but not all, other religions do this too. That’s why it’s lowest on the list.
    3. Christianity provides origin-based teleology. It’s not just an arbitrary moral code. This is intuitive once you unpack it. What makes a chair good or bad? What is a chair? Why do we call it a chair? An intelligent creator can endow creation with both purpose and morality. The chair’s creator is the best judge of whether a chair is good, as in whether it does or doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

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