The Moral Motivation for Atheism

Frank Turek and Mark Mittelberg are a couple top-level apologists. Frank has a great radio show called “Cross Examined.” Unfortunately it’s only weekly. It airs every Saturday morning on AFR Talk.

Mark wrote a book called “The Reason Why.” I’m not pushing the book although it’s pretty good. Frank had him on the showed and asked a question which I thought turned into a really great discussion.

Frank asked what are some of the moral reasons why some people don’t believe in God. This is a slight twist on a very usual apologetic question. The mainstream question would be what are the moral reasons people do believe in God. That would set Mark up nicely to delve into the classic apology called the moral argument.

This slightly different question opened the door for a great discussion. Take a listen to this short 4 minute clip from Cross Examined:

So what do you think? Is it possible that many people choose atheism due to the fact that it frees them from a system of morality rather than because it is a truth based worldview? Is this decision making process reasonable or justified? My answer is yes they do it all the time and no it’s not reasonable or justified. Let’s hear your comments below.


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  1. Frankly, I'm tired of this notion that the only way to have morality is to have religion (in this case, most specifically, Christianity/Catholicism). People don't "choose" atheism because it "frees them from a system of morality". They choose it because they realize "Where the fuck is this god that they keep talking about, and why is there NO evidence WHATSOEVER?".The biggest misunderstanding is that religion = morality, which is utter bullshit. Sure, religion INCLUDES the teaching of morality, but it also teaches some horrible things that are highly immoral. Slavery, hating gays, stoning to death people that work on Sunday, women are property, etc.I would better rephrase the question this way:Is there ALSO a reason that people choose atheism because it frees them from a system of IMMORALITY?" —- To this I would answer – "That is probably a reason for many, but not all atheistsTo amend the second question as to follow my change to the first, I would say that yes, it is justified to leave a system of immorality. But again, the big reason that people become atheists (or antitheists, as some are) is because they DO NOT BELIEVE IN GOD.


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