On Faith

This article points to five useful resources related to the concept of faith in Christianity. These resources defend the notion that faith and empiricism are complimentary rather than antagonistic.

1 – This Reddit Atheist Realizes that Atheists Engage in Faith Too

I believe that other humans are conscious but to my knowledge it’s impossible to demonstrate that claim. All I can do is live as if others are conscious, but that still doesn’t justify the belief… So how is that not just a faith claim?

2 – How Should Christians Define Faith? (2.5 minutes)

3 – What About Doubting Thomas? (3 minutes)

4 – Coming full circle, Turek gives a talk titled I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist. (1.3 hours). He also wrote a book by the same title.

5 – Other Links from AfterEcon

  1. Sept 2016, Am I Cherry Picking or is This a Decent Definition of Faith?
  2. Page: Topical Study – Religion – The Bible is Valid

So are faith and science, data, or empiricism necessarily opposed? Of course not, in fact they need each other. Like two descriptions of an elephant, the Bible and the Book of Nature are two books which describe the one truth.

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