Autism and Judaism

This article describes a possible link between autism and Judaism and/or the Hebrew language. I make no serious claim about this connection. Rather, I mainly note it as a curious thing and I’m jotting it down for possible future thinking and discussion.

A frequent contrast in ancient thinking is between concrete and abstract language. Greeks are often referenced as the abstract thinkers while Ancient Hebrew is taken as a prototypically concrete language.

Some sources backing the above claim:

Now, hear Jordan Peterson stating, referencing Granden’s work, that this is a core element of autism:

I have to say, I’m familiar with both modes of thinking and I think they are both extremely useful in certain contexts.

A stereotyped example might be to say that business people can’t avert their gaze from the shiny object before them to ponder the general patterns leading to and curing such issues, nor from a tree to see the forest, while academics scornfully dismiss the report of a particular event leading to a clear and present danger as a mere anecdote, even while its their own pants which are ablaze.

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