Austin Peterson is a Neocon

This article is against Austin Peterson’s recent 5 Reasons Why Iā€™m Not An Anarchist. Austin Peterson runs The Libertarian Republic. Like many libertarians, I find him ideologically illogical and inconsistent. The bottom line is that this sort of thinking is irrational pro-state evangialism, closer to neoconservativism than rational libertarianism. Libertarians disagree on the necessity or … Read more Austin Peterson is a Neocon

Ancap Thoughts

I frequently make a mistake which may seem small or even intentional to other anarchists, but in fact it is not. I say I oppose government. But, if we are being more rigorous, is it necessary for an anarcho-capitalist to oppose government or authority per se? I think and hope not. I think it is … Read more Ancap Thoughts

The Free Market is the Democratic Republic

This article is a bit of political philosophy. Basically, I argue that a free market combines principals of democracy and republicanism. Plato’s The Republic is the place where any real discussion of republicanism begins, but few Republicans have ever glanced at a word of it. From The Republic through today, republicanism has been equivalent to … Read more The Free Market is the Democratic Republic

Another Historical Objection to Anarcho-Capitalism

This article will cover two more objections from history to anarcho-capitalism. Historically, anarchist communities have looked more like communities based on socialism, communism, communalism, and so on, rather than communities based on capitalism. Maybe a small village or community has existed which is anarchistic, but have there been any whole societies or civilizations? To begin, … Read more Another Historical Objection to Anarcho-Capitalism

Is AnCap a Thing?

I frequently discuss ideas of capitalism, conservatism and even anarcho-capitalism with many of my more intellectual friends. One friends, who will remain unnamed, claimed that the distinction between anarcho-capitalist and anarchist may be artificial in some sense. At first glance, I found the claim unfounded. His claim, to me, seemed to be like a claim … Read more Is AnCap a Thing?

Another Argument for Anarchism

This article is to present a great video from an episode of the Tom Woods radio show and then to present a defense of the State. Yes you heard that last part right. An Anarcho-Capitalist is going to make an argument in defense of the State. First, please find the video below. Michael Huemer, author … Read more Another Argument for Anarchism

In Support of Christian Anarchism

This article partly reconciles Christianity and Anarchism, at least in the form of peaceful, legal anarcho-capitalism. While I am an anarchist, I am also a gradualist and an advocate of peaceful and legal anarchism. I want an anarchy, but I don’t want an anarchy today. I think it would result in socio-political and economic shock … Read more In Support of Christian Anarchism

Re: Still Not the Anarchists Cookbook

This article will respond to another article titled, “Still Not the Anarchists [sic] Cookbook,” which is an article advocating that Christianity and anarchism may be incompatible. The article is located here. From it may be drawn one argument from Christianity against anarchism, which is that God wants us to have government. Scripture used in support … Read more Re: Still Not the Anarchists Cookbook