Zotero Reference Manager is Cool

Zotero is a reference manager which is a helpful tool during a literature research. This article describes why it’s cool.

Reasons it’s cool:

  1. It’s a free and highly rated unobtrusive browser add-in that’s been around for a while and is bug free.
  2. Some journals won’t show you how to cite a paper in various ways (MLA, Chicago, etc), but they allow you to download the citation into a reference manager. As a browser plug-in, Zotero automatically notices when you click these kinds of download links and it can turn these downloaded citations into a plain text citation in the style of your choice with a few clicks.
  3. I have to log into my university’s library page and access an article from there to see it if it’s behind a pay wall. Zotero notices this and automatically routes my requests through the proxy of my choice. So instead of going to the library page for every paper, I log in once and then I can access papers on the target domain continuously.
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