Sentiment and Opinion Research – Marketing or Political

Political polling for name identification or favorability is just a tiny subset of the larger field of sentiment and opinion research for general marketing.

A cousin of favorability polling would be sentiment analysis for the name of a new business product. The sentiment around a product name is a simple, often overlooked factor affecting the behavior of your consumers. Optimization means more sales even at higher prices while failure means a loss of sales, revenue, and even business reputation and credibility.

Here are some ways to research opinion and sentiment, whether for business, political activity, nonprofits, or just about any other marketing purpose:

  • Polling and surveys.
  • Focus groups.
  • Participant observation.
    • Social media analysis is a great tool here. I recommend Sprout Social for now.
  • Empathetic reasoning.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Sentiment dictionaries.
    • These are ledgers matching words to sentiment.
  • This tool is a great, free tool for quickly finding sentiment on Twitter.
  • Here is a more serious tool from Provalis Research.

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