Selecting Model Papers

I recently discussed preparing to submit my first academic paper. In this article I outline an additional step, which is to select a model paper from each journal. With a model paper in hand, I will write a specific version of the paper to submit to that journal.

I will write a short version and a long version of my paper. The short version will be crafted as a preliminary results paper. You can read a bit about what that means here. Short paper journals are listed below, ranked in the order that I plan to submit. I include a model paper for the top journal.

  1. Economics Letters
    1. Model: A micro-data analysis of households’ expectations of mortgage rates
    2. Why this model? It’s a recent, micro-data analysis using survey data.
  2. Economics Bulletin
  3. Applied Economics Letters
  4. AER: Insights

Short papers are short indeed. Economics Letters requires manuscripts not to exceed 2000 words. Economics Bulletin requires manuscripts not to exceed 7 pages.

Below are the long paper journals I am still considering, in order, with a model paper for the top journal:

  1. Economic Inquiry
    2. Why this model? Recent, individual-level data analysis related to higher education and student debt.
  2. Economics of Education Review
  3. Empirical Economics
  4. Business Horizons
  5. International Journal of Educational Development
  6. Educational Studies

Tangentially related: This discussion restored my faith in Economics Bulletin, which had been shaken due to the terrible web site format.


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