Open Todo List

This page lists tasks to be done to improve the website and AfterEcon community. Comment to suggest items.

  1. Complete forward-model based on the survey and spinoff site Ladderly
  2. Printer-friendly pages and articles.
    1. Workaround:
  3. Rewrite as a static site integrated to GitHub
    1. At the same time, improve look and feel
  4. Add academic work to Featured Writing
  5. ability to rate an article and add time to read metric
  6. update site tour
  7. permanent SSL / https instead of temporary one
  8. forward www to naked domain (
  9. see if submitting sitemap to bing made a notable traffic difference and think about adding other webmasters (yahoo, etc)
  10. consolidate and prune old content
  11. update curated content using backlog of github links
  12. upgrade jetpack to professional
  13. improve site perf, SEO, and optimize according to Google Search Console Enhancements and other tools

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