The Left-Science Complex Continues

This article discusses the fact that big science and big government are still in a negative relationship.

I have written extensively on the fact that science is poorly practiced in a number of ways. Problems include the fact that science research is largely government funded which creates economic, moral and accuracy hazards and it also produces an alliance between big science and big government. Big government supporters are highly correlated with liberals, progressives, democrats and union supporters. These alliances are generally opposed to conservatism and Christianity. Many scientists are atheists, as are many liberals, democrats and so on. I have even specifically called out Bill Nye by name as an example of a major mainstream science actor tied in to this whole left-science complex.

This article is not going to change my thesis in any way, it merely contributes additional evidence that the thesis is correct and is still a problem that hasn’t been solved.

Maher is a well known liberal TV talk show guy. Recently Bill Nye was on Bill Maher’s TV show. These guys were very friendly, which supports the idea that there is a left-science complex. Furthermore, they both blasted Christians in different ways, trying to portray Christianity as untrue and religion as an enemy of science. Then there was the classic equivocation of creationism with Christianity and intelligent design. I think these two hit on every christophobic talking point there is, and of course each of these points constitute tired old news which I have dealt with previously. One interesting objection which I don’t often hear was Bill Nye’s claim that the fact that the moon reflects the sun’s light disproves Genesis 1:16 which reads as follows:

God made two great lights; the larger one to govern the day and the smaller one to govern the night. He also made the stars.

I think calling the moon a lesser light is pretty obviously and accurate statement, but that’s the kind of silly claims desperate people make. Looks like the conservative movement is continuing to win.

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