Is It Just Me, or Is Breitbart Wrong About the CW?

Breitbart recently cried wolf that the CW is attacking conservatives. In particular, via the show Supernatural.

It’s true that conservatives are often abused in pop culture and mass media. I have written about it here. In this other article, however, I noted that conservatism in mass media, while lacking, is present. I then criticized Rush Limbaugh for being melodramatic and playing the victim card. He said conservatives are “nowhere in pop culture,” and as I demonstrated then that is just not a true statement.

It seems Breitbart is now playing the melodramatic victim card as well. How hypocritical, not to mention unsexy, is that? Isn’t that exactly what conservatives criticize liberals and Democrats for doing? Interestingly, the very show they cite is an example of a show I cite as evidence to the opposite of their claims, the show Supernatural.

Specifically, they claim that a slam on Dick Cheney is a slam on conservatives. The show didn’t even criticize a particular action of Dick Cheney, it merely used his name in an ambiguously negative way. This is ridiculous. Cheney is so much of a RINO neocon that I don’t even think Dick Cheney would call himself a conservative. Breitbart has once again conflated Republicans with conservatives, costing itself credibility, and harming the reformers of the Republican party who want it to be the conservative party it is not yet.

The show also cites a sort-of-attack on Palin, where Palin has become President and she is going to bomb a city. This is in a way a compliment as it suggests that Palin could become President, something I wouldn’t grant her even as a conservative, but it is also, according to Breitbart, a slam on her. I’m also skeptical that Palin could be classed as a fiscal or social conservative.

Why is a slam on her, Breitbart? Supernatural actually doesn’t make this clearly a negative thing. Breitbart, in the person of A. J. Delgado, assumes it. Breitbart is presuming that it would be bad to bomb a city. Well now, if it bad to bomb a city, and Palin is bombing a city, it seems that Breitbart, not Supernatural, is criticizing Palin. An interesting case study in imputation psychology.

Finally, Breitbart cites the case of Michelle Walker, which it claims is an amalgamation of the people “Michelle Bachmann” and “Scott Walker.” Now, I’m not confident that such an assumed amalgamation is accurate, but even if it were accurate, let’s see what happens. Michelle Walker attacks her opponent for her opponent’s “godless policies.” Later, a monster kills her for being a hypocrite. Attack on conservatism, or attack on a subgroup of social conservatives who use religion for political gain, and frankly deserve mockery? You decide.

I would also say that I have noticed conservative patterns across a few CW shows: Arrow with a superhero Jesus-reference type of thing, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries if I recall correctly. While I haven’t seen it, The Originals may as well because it is a Vampire Diaries prequel series. Perhaps I will go back through in the future with a more specific eye for detail and bring you hard examples, rather than just general themes.

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