Interview Questions for JS, VBA, Java, and SQL

I have interviewed a number of people for various developer positions and I thought I’d share some of the questions and methods I use to evaluate candidates. This should help those individuals seeking to obtain such jobs.

I also intend to create a quiz on the site related to this post, but this is the first step.

See this evaluation document which I really do use to evaluate candidates. Generally, I conduct the interview without the document and I fill it out afterwards, but I do take a piece of paper and jot down notes during the interview which help me score accurately.

The scored evaluation sheet helps me keep things objective and comparable across candidates. Generally, if you get better than a 50 I will recommend you for hire. The questions may be hard, but I am not expecting the candidate to ace them during the interview.

In fact, studies show that interview performance is a weak indicator of job performance. When I evaluate a candidate I am looking primarily at the resume. As you can tell from the document, a strong minority of points are determined at interview time, but enough to make a difference.

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