Hashtag Research Tools and Conservative Hashtags

This article will cover a few tools for hashtag research and list some conservative hashtags.

Favorite tool 1: Hashtag.org

  • Hashtag.org is great because it gives the meaning for many hashtags. It also has analytics over time in an easy to read line graph.

Favorite tool 2: Hashtagify.me

  • Hashtagify.me is awesome because it correlates hashtags in a nice web chart. This is great for finding hashtags you may not know which reach audiences similar to the audience you are interested in.

This article goes over several other research tools and sites.

Some conservative hashtags include:

  • tcot
  • tlot
  • ccot
  • tgdn
  • lnyhbt
  • 2a
  • nra
  • pjnet
  • teaparty

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