Facebook is Bad

Facebook is the new Myspace. That was a compliment for about a decade but now it’s not. The style of censorship that Facebook has implemented is too voluminous and prone to error and bias to make it an acceptable communication forum.

Facebook has a checkered history in this regard. Sometimes they admit fault and sometimes they don’t:

  1. April 2020, Facebook Admits Blocking Do-It-Yourself Mask Efforts Was an ‘Error’
  2. April 2020, EXCLUSIVE: Facebook admits error in marking videos of Hong Kong police storming MTR station as ‘false,’ reverses decision
  3. August 2019, Facebook makes small tweaks after anti-conservative-bias report. They’re unlikely to make the issue go away.

A nail-in-the-coffin example of poor quality control was observed today as pictured below. One might understand how this could interrupt important conversations.

Some less-censored or even uncensorable alternatives include:

  1. Voat
  2. SteemIt
  3. Hive and Mamby
  4. Signal Private Messenger
  5. Distributed news and blogging, with articles such as the present article

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