Exciting News and New Website!

Whether you are a regular on the site or a visitor, thanks for stopping by! This will be the last post on the site for a while – maybe ever.

I’ll get to the point. I have a new website at afterecon.com!

The reasons are at least threefold:

  1. WordPress.com sites are great, but functionality is limited. In addition, many people sadly do not see sites like these as professional.
  2. Caeconomics is not a great term for marketing reasons. It’s hard to remember and spell. Christian and anarchist themes also make it less than optimized to enter pop culture. With a new site comes a chance to create a more effective message.
  3. In order to make money! It is super difficult to monetize this site. I am also planning to write and sell a book! Cool right?

The idea behind the new site is to take the DIYL concept I’ve discussed here to an entirely new level! “After Economics: Because learning is just the first step.” Catchy right? Have a great day and stop by when you get the chance!

-John Vandivier


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