Comparing 7 Top Coupon and Discount Extensions in 2020

I’ve heard a ton about how Honey can save money during the online checkout process by automatically finding coupons. I also work for Capital One, so I’ve heard similar stories about Wikibuy. Which is better, and while I’m at it, what about their other top competitors as of 2020?

I did a Google search for Honey competitors, used Product Hunt to find competitors, and also looked in the Chrome extension similar plugins section. I found five competitors:

  1. Honey
  2. Wikibuy
  4. Cently
  5. Piggy
  6. Rakuten
  7. The Camelizer

Here’s the thing – I quickly found out that Coupons at Checkout was renamed to Cently. So I found this article which recommended The Camelizer and you see six items in the above list. The Camelizer shows price history and doesn’t actually provide coupons, but it’s worth mentioning because it may help you find a deal. A competitor in this space is Keepa.

My comparison case is that I need to buy a dual washer-dryer. I have Amazon Prime, and Amazon is my go-to retailer anyway, so that was my first stop. I also checked Walmart and quickly scanned the Google shopping search results for better deals. After I found 3 washer-dryers which I would consider, I also checked the manufacturer’s website to see if the coupons were better at that location. I also needed the old unit removed and the new one installed.

The washer/dryer combos I decided to go with is the Equator 2019 24″ Combo Washer Dryer Ch. Gold Winterize+Quiet with model number EZ 4400 N Gold. Below are the results!

ToolLowest Price
The Camelizer$1,036.00
Google Shopping$1,046.16

As you can see, not a single provider gave me a working discount code or cash back as far as I can tell. Google Shopping made me aware of some cheaper vendors, but I still went with Amazon because I have Prime so I got faster shipping for free. Amazon also allowed me to easily add-on installation and haul away of the old unit for a good price. provided a few more coupon codes compared to Honey, but none from either provider worked.

I think Rakuten’s cash back may have failed because my Rakuten account uses an email address which is different compared to my Amazon Prime account. Rakuten states: “At this time, you can only connect one email inbox for this.”

On the bright side, I was still able to donate to have a portion of my purchase donated to charity using Amazon Smile!

Some other notes:

  1. Honey and Wikibuy both had a Price History feature, so The Camelizer is not needed as a seperate tool.
  2. Honey has cash back rewards on many of the sites, or perhaps more, compared to Rakuten and Piggy. For example, Rakuten and Piggy had no rewards for Home Depot, but Honey does.
  3. When I clicked the Wikibuy button it would show me whether Walmart offered the same product and at what price. Other tools didn’t do this.
  4. Cently didn’t seem to work on
  5. Removal of old unit is included by Amazon installation but not by Walmart installation with
  6. Google Shopping search told me that Home Depot sells the Magic Chef, just like Walmart, but Home Depot says the item doesn’t qualify for their installation service either. It looks straightforward to install ourselves, but my wife preferred LG due to familiar brand name.
  7. Wikibuy and Google Shopping both included shipping fees for Walmart and Home Depot in the amount of ~$50, but these fees are optional for both stores as the item is eligible for free pickup. A huge miss for these discount tools. These discount tools should also be able to include installation fees so I can compare the total price.
  8. Ratings varied widely: The affordable Haier HLC1700AXW was rated 3.5 on Home Depot’s website with installation and haul away for a very small additional cost, plus cash back rewards from Honey, but it was rated 2 on Amazon, with most consumers rating it a 1.
  9. Haier HLC1700AXW was cheaper at Home Depot. Piggy was unable to price check the item. Wikibuy found a better deal at Wayfair, but it still didn’t beat the Home Depot price which Wikibuy didn’t know about.
  10. For the Bosch WTG86401UC, Honey stated the current page was the best seller while Wikibuy found another better seller on Amazon, plus additional better deals on other sites after counting rewards.


  1. Honey, Wikibuy, and Rakuten seemed to be the best options, but none of them really helped compared to just using Amazon Prime.
  2. Be sure to check Google Shopping.
  3. The comparison tools are mainly useful for baseline price, not total price. You will want to check shipping, installation, and other fees yourself.
  4. Try to shop from the same email address that your rewards and discount providers are linked up to.
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