Media Curriculum Vitae

A partial collection of writings, media appearances, and creative collaborations featuring John Vandivier, outside of his own social media and academic publications.

“S3T Labor Day Special Edition – Exclusive Interview with John Vandivier” September 1, 2023. S3T Podcast.

“How Numerical Optimization Unlocked Value for Upstart” August 10, 2023. Upstart Tech.

“Mastering Leetcode: 6 Problem Picking Patterns for Technical Success” June 8, 2023. HackerNoon.

“5 to 23 Patterns to Ace Any Coding Interview” February 16, 2022. HackerNoon.

“Pioneer Hackathon Retrospective” April 12, 2020. DEV.

“The Case for a Programming Exemption to Child Labor Laws” February 18, 2018. HackerNoon.

“Which JavaScript ORM should you be using in 2018?” January 3, 2018. freeCodeCamp.

“From TypeORM to LoopBack: A Retrospective” May 1, 2018. HackerNoon.

“On the CIA torture report” December 12, 2014. The Hill.

“Bitcoin Valuation as a Fiat Hedge With Information and Substitution Effects” May 14, 2013. Mineforman.

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