Exams Overview

This page gives a brief description of each exam offered by this site.

Available exams:

  1. Advanced Micro I – Williams Final Edition
  2. Education Reform
  3. Political Campaign Aptitude Test

Advanced Micro I – Williams Final Edition

Advanced Micro I – Williams Final Edition is different from the Advanced Micro I test in 2 key ways:

  1. This exam acts as a rote learning tool rather than an actual test by immediately telling you the correct answer after you submit an answer.
  2. The pool of potential questions for this exam are a subset of the other exam. This exam focuses on questions which are likely to be asked on the Econ 811 Final Exam from Dr. Walter Williams.

An expanded explanation of each answer is given at the end of the exam. The exam terminates after 10 questions, but it draws from a large pool of questions. Repeat the test several times to ensure thorough understanding.

Sources for questions in this exam include:

Education Reform

This exam covers information from the thesis page “We Need Education Reform” located at the following URL:

Political Campaign Aptitude Test

This exam is based on an interview examination I used to give while hiring for a political campaign consultancy. It needs to be cleaned up but may be worth reviewing.

Front End Web Development Exam

This exam is todo.