This One Thing Happened, So Give Government Money

The cause of the crash was pretty clear. In an area with a 50 MPH speed limit the train was accelerating over 100 MPH.

Speeding is generally the result of a driver hitting the accelerator. Of course, the train driver conveniently blacked out and forgot what happened. It’s also pure coincidence that he is a radical progressive political activist and the crisis fits in nicely with a progressive spending objective.

Amtrak speeds: Government wants more money.
You speed: Government wants more money.

Also, previously: ‘technology will take union jobs’
Now: ‘there should have been technology instead of a union job.’

It’s true that technology would have prevented this issue. It does not follow that the solution is to increase public spending. When Obama wanted to boost green energy he spent public money on Solyndra.

Government spending is subject to political capture and selection. The market chooses allocations more efficiently. The solution is not to increase public spending but to privatize Amtrak and other government run services.

The private market would then increase spending if needed, or it could even improve outcomes while decreasing costs.

Imagine telling government they ought to improve Amtrak while decreasing spending. Talk about an idea that would make a progressive’s head explode. Don’t allow government to fail up, don’t incentivize government failure, and don’t empower the idiots who are the very ones responsible for this issue. Take power away from them and give it to those who are willing to earn it.


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