Stay Away from BitBet

BitBet is a well known bitcoin-based betting site. I’m highly pro-prediction market, so in the past I’ve been a proponent of the site. What I didn’t realize is that the betting system is manually administrated by username Znort, which is slang for doing cocaine.

Surprisingly (sarcasm), he has vanished with a ton of money, including thousands of my own dollar equivalent crypto.

Anon and I are now hiring private investigation services including blockchain forensics company Chainalysis. The fund is a crypto wallet and your contributions are welcome.

As posted by username Investigation_Pool, the btc address is 18CcL2S5F3gDw7WWrxHQgTV3cTXnUP2jea.

Here are some better crypto betting alternatives, which are not centrally administrated, in order of recommendation:

  1. Augur, advised by Eth’s creator Vitalik and GMU brainiac Robin Hanson, among others.
  2. Gnosis
  3. Afaik, everything else is awful.
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