Requested BTCJam AutoInvest Features

BTCjam recently released the autoinvest tool. I’ve been using it and making solid double digit returns, but it could use some improvements.

The main feature the tool lacks is an advanced filter which could filter out loans or borrowers based on certain criteria, including:

  1. Filter by user ratings.
  2. Yield.
  3. Filter by arbitrary list of lenders.
  4. Basically any variable data in the listing should be filterable.

Other than the advanced filter, it would also be cool if weighted investing were implemented. Right now the autoinvest tool will either invest or not invest in a loan for you. It is a binary thing, and if a loan is approved a fixed amount is applied. It would be better if that amount were variable such that particularly good listing received more and marginally good listing received less.

The good news is that it looks like BTCjam has an API which can do some of the advanced filtering and maybe even weighting I described.

I think it’s the same API leveraged by BTCjam a la Zaibot. I am a big fan of that site and I have used it but maybe I could build something better.

The bad news is that coding a program from an API is much more work than using their neat new AutoInvest tool which has a nice GUI and so on. The API may also be somewhat limited, but I will try and develop something.


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