Preparing to Submit a Short Experimental Paper

In this article I lay out my target journals for a paper in experimental economics. See the bottom of this paper where I link to related articles explaining the selection process. In this case, I’m grepping the Repec list for the substring “experi”.

I also added a couple marketing journals because the experiment I conducted seemed like a marketing experiment, and also because I didn’t want to delve into journals with rank lower than 500. I added Educational Studies as a sixth option because of strong factors other than rank.

  1. Experimental Economics, Springer, Rank 37, 2-3 months to review, 15-25% accepted, 38 median mentions per article
  2. Marketing Science, 123, 2-3 months, 15% accepted, 77 median mentions per article
  3. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 237, 1-2 months, 20%, 25
  4. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 477, unknown
  5. Marketing Letters, 498, 2-3 months, 21-30%, 45
  6. Educational Studies, 925, 1-2 months, 40%, 20

I’ll start by targeting JBEE because of its quick review time. My model paper will be Happy savers and happy spenders: An experimental study comparing US Americans and Germans because:

  1. It’s of comparable sample size (n~100)
  2. Non-complex treatment scheme
  3. Relates to personal finance
  4. Compares groups geographically

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