What Should People Do After Learning Economics?

This site is dedicated to learning economics, and then all the things people should do after learning economics. This article discusses the second item.

The answer is largely contextual and this article is likely incomplete, but it certainly refers to most of the stuff on this website.

What comes after economics? Mainly application and further learning:

  • Application:
    • Career
      • Exams for signaling
      • Professional insights on certain industries
        • Politics
        • Research and Academia
        • Information Technology
    • Personal Finance
    • Activism
    • Community building
    • Analysis of current events
      • Blog
      • Community discussion
  • Further learning:
    • Ongoing Learning
      • Learn how to learn with articles on research
      • Exams for validation
    • Learning about related fields like politics and philosophy
    • Learn about or research advanced or new areas of economics
    • Discussions and resources related to education and education reform

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