Open Letter: Re: How long does it take to get IRB approval?

I am submitting two IRB applications this weekend. I wanted to preview the time to decision rendered, and so I interrogated Google. This article was a top result, but the answer generated an additional question. This article repeats the email that I sent earlier today in order to resolve the newly-generated question.


I am at GMU, but when I searched for data on IRB approval your article from 2014 was a top result.

Is this data particular to UAMS or does it reflect IRB more broadly?

At GMU, the IRB team decides whether a review will be full, expedited, or exempt. One concern I have with the claimed approval time is that it assumes this decision has already been made and therefore underreports the time from PI submission to decision rendered. I wonder if you have data on this too?

Thank you for the helpful insights.

John Vandivier

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