Following Academics

This article outlines the list of academic individuals and journals that I follow, along with the method of following them.

Google Scholar and Academic Sequitur are my two main methods of automatically following the academy. When I follow using Google Scholar, I check all three following options: Papers from the person, papers citing the person, and papers related to that person’s research. Here is the list of people I follow in Google Scholar:

  1. Benjamin Powell
  2. David R. Henderson
  3. Eric Hanushek
  4. Bryan Caplan
  5. Zachary Gochenour
  6. Edward Stringham
  7. Christopher Coyne
  8. Bryan Caplan
  9. David Friedman
  10. Zachary Gochenour
  11. Bryan P. Cutsinger

Here is the list of journals followed using Academic Sequitur:

  1. American Economic Review
  2. American Economic Review: Insights
  3. Econometrica
  4. Economics of Education Review
  5. Journal of Economic Literature
  6. Quarterly Journal of Economics

Below is the list of individuals I follow using Academic Sequitur. It is not totally redundant with the Google Scholar list, in part because not all of the scholars I would like to follow have Google Scholar profiles. Notice that the same scholar often makes multiple appearances in Academic Sequitur.

  1. George A. Akerlof
  2. George Akerlof
  3. Robert Axtell
  4. Brian Cadena
  5. Bryan Caplan
  6. Clayton M. Christensen
  7. Tyler Cowen
  8. Christopher J. Coyne
  9. Christopher Coyne
  10. Bryan P. Cutsinger
  11. C. Deangelis
  12. David D. Friedman
  13. Zachary Gochenour
  14. Robin D. Hanson
  15. Robin Hanson
  16. Eric A. Hanushek
  17. Eric Hanushek
  18. Michael Horn
  19. Michael Huemer
  20. Garett Jones
  21. Israel M. Kirzner
  22. Peter Leeson
  23. Peter T. Leeson
  24. Brian P. Mccall
  25. Ennio E. Piano
  26. Benjamin Powell
  27. Joseph E. Stiglitz
  28. Joseph Stiglitz
  29. Edward P. Stringham
  30. Edward Peter Stringham
  31. Alex Tabarrok
  32. Alexander Tabarrok

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