Doubling Down on Altcoins

My PRISM has been doing pretty well since I talked about getting into altcoins, and bitcoin has not been doing so hot. This article notes some additional altcoins I’m grabbing, why, and which exchange I’m using and why.

I went with Binance over Cryptopia because it has lower fees. Cryptopia does have access to more coins, but they are tiny coins and I’m not interested in dealing with that much risk. Several of them have potential including decred, nebl, bmc, and sys, but I just don’t want to deal.

I went with the coins listed below. My strategy was to find coins which are performing strong today, and which were also performing strong last time I checked when I wrote the altcoin article. Strong today means 20%+ over 24 hours (12/20). I made two exceptions, denoted with *, which are high-risk gambles based on a buddy’s recommendation. He’s the kind of guy who does competitive advantage analysis on each coin, and his altcoin portfolio has outperformed mine so I trust him. I just don’t have the time to investigate all these coins, but I figured I could take a risk on a couple since I’m pretty diversified by now.

The new set of buys, from Binance, targeting roughly 1 part a piece of 11 eth, before fees (0.53507300 BTC / 8,797.74 USD, before fees, time of eth transfer, before buying).

Actual buys:

  1. Monero – 3 xmr
  2. Dash – 1.25 dash
  3. Nuls* – 600 nuls
  4. Neo – 24.5 Neo
  5. ZRX* – 1200 zrx
  6. TRON – 14000 trx
  7. Verge – 5000 xvg
  8. Storj – 400 storj

I was left with some tiny eth: 0.00090945

After fees, my portfolio value was 0.52708323 BTC / $8,696.88.

After that, I wrote two blog articles. This one was the second. By the time I finished writing it was over 9k 😉

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