Crowdfunding Continues to Evolve

This article will discuss three ways in which crowdfunding continues to evolve. The three ways are:

  1. Continued decentralization through self-hosting crowdfunding development.
  2. Innovation through subscription crowdfunding.
  3. Numerous benefits from increased acceptance of bitcoin.

We recently discussed a crowdfunding plugin for WordPress and I mentioned some of the amazing possibilities this would allow. It would allow a person to cut out the middlemen like Kickstarter or Indiegogo and crowdfund on their own website. More efficient crowdfunding, less regulation of the kinds of things to be funded and even a decentralized stock exchange!

As amazing as that was, crowdfunding continues to evolve even further through an organization which is very appropriately named Pozible. Here is a great article on Pozible from EntrepeneurThis name is appropriate because it is changing and improving everything we once thought was possible. The WordPress plugin would have allowed WordPress users to crowdfund on their own site. Pozible allows any html enabled website, in other words basically all of them, to crowdfund on their own site. The functionality of these Pozible crowdfunding platforms is a leap forward in quality as well.

Another way in which crowdfunding continues to evolve through Pozible is through the creation of subscription crowdfunding. Many business models can’t take advantage of the benefits of crowdfunding because they need ongoing payments rather than lump sums. The idea of lump sums lends itself to completion of projects but less so to continuous employment and ongoing processes. Pozible fixes that.

Lastly, Pozible allows bitcoin crowdfunding. They are by no means the first people to do this. Bitcoinstarter is the original and CoinFunder is another example. There are two major differences here. The first is that those two platforms only accept bitcoin while Pozible allows bitcoin and regular money. The second is that Pozible is actually a proven big league funding platform while the two bitcoin only platforms have, and I’m not trying to be rude here, a history of failure and a somewhat low polish appearance.

In conclusion, Pozible is a major step forward in financial technology and anyone interested in economics should have their eye on it.


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