Bob Murphy, You Dirty Anarchist You!

Recently, Liberty Movement icon Tom Woods had an interview with his friend Bob Murphy. Bob Murphy is a well known Austrian and also a Christian AnCap. This article highlights my favorite points of the discussion.

First, here is the interview:

My favorite points:

  • Private courts already exist and work well. They are quicker and cheaper than other courts. Courts in a free market would compete for customers by being better in various ways and they are already doing this.
  • People would agree to private law in advance, as they do with renting cars and lease agreements today. This way, there is rarely or never an issue of finding a court they will agree to after an issue occurs. These preemptive arrangements might resemble insurance contracts, or might even be merged with complex insurance contracts.
  • Implied consent could work in the private market, perhaps in conjunction with land property, and could lead to strong crime enforcement without adversarial processes.
  • Profit opportunities would create market pressure toward cheap and effective law creation, adjudication and enforcement.

For more information on Bob Murphy, visit his website here.

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