Bitcoin, Gold and the NWO

Mark Dice is a conspiracy researcher. He recently posted the video below which you may not find worth watching:

Not his best video imho. He buys the gold vs dollar idea and fails to realize that gold is not the only dollar hedge. In the past, Dice has also suggested that bitcoin/cryptocurrency may be created for some New World Order purpose (NWO). In the comments I remarked that gold will eventually become worthless, although I don’t know if the term soon is appropriate. Some guy basically commented back, “John, Mark says gold will not become worthless.” Below is my imperfect and unchanged response comment.

I understand what Mark said. Mark is a smart guy, but he isn’t always right.

Speaking as an economist, Gold’s primary value is as a hedge against monetary fluctuation. It works as a hedge in this way because it can be used as a universally accepted currency in case of a monetary collapse. For example, if the dollar crashes people might use gold as a new dollar and the economy would recover this way

What economists are learning today is that gold has extreme competition in this role as a monetary hedge, and in fact it is losing. There are simply better options than gold because there are other goods which have better monetary characteristics. Biggest among these are cryptocurrencies, and best among these so far seems to be Bitcoin.

In short, Bitcoin or a similar cryptocurrency is going to replace the primary driver of the value of gold. Gold will become nearly worthless in comparison to its value today.

Is it possible that cryptocurrency was started but some element of the NWO? Sure, I guess, although I’ve been following Bitcoin since the VERY early times and, as someone who is also familiar with how the NWO acts, I don’t see matching patterns.

Even assuming cryptocurrency is NWO-originated, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use it per se. That idea itself is an interesting and longer discussion, but one way cryptocurrency protects itself against compromise is that it is open source and network-distributed.

Even if it benefits the NWO, I would assert it benefits the NWO less than the traditional monetary-banking system. As such, while not perfect, it seems to be a step in the right direction.


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