60+ Places to Transact with Litecoin, Adam Kokesh on Litecoin

In my last article I linked to the Litecoin Github’s List of Litecoin related services as evidence that you can really spend litecoin on real goods and services. In this article I would like to reference many, many more places I have recently found.

First I would point you to the best compilation I have found, uselitecoin.com, which taken alone already lists 60+ merchants who accept litecoin for goods or services. It has 85+ links to the litecoin community, but not all are merchants.

Next I would point you to the single best shop with litecoin called Atlantis. It is Silk Road only better because it supports both bitcoin and litecoin and is a bit faster as I understand it.

I would then point out 3 places where you can transact litecoin which were not mentioned at uselitecoin.com:

1 Reddit’s Litecoin Market
2 The Litecoin Official Forum’s Marketplace
3 Reddit’s “Girls Gone Litecoin” Which I do not support and will not link, but trust me, it has been a major area of litecoin transaction recently.

Keep an eye on cryptojunky.com where I will be writing an article soon using these sources as a minimum measurement of the litecoin economy!

Finally, as I mentioned in my last post, Litecoin has recently been found to be extremely secure, even more than bitcoin! What I didn’t mention in my last post is that Adam Kokesh has taken notice and is now a litecoin fan:


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