200 Point Business Checklist

It’s not actually 200 points at the moment, but here’s the checklist:

  1. Do you have an accounting issue?
    1. Do you have dedicated accounting staff?
    2. Do you have dedicated accounting software?
      1. Consider some.
        1. QuickBooks
        2. Quicken
        3. PeachTree
        4. Bookkeeper
        5. Excel is OK for very small ventures (Once there are more than 5 people, including owners, consider dedicated software.)
    3. Do you have an SOP for accounting procedures?
      1. You need one. Develop one.
  2. Do you have a labor issue?
    1. Quantity?
      1. Do you offer internships?
      2. Pay competitive wages?
      3. Offer competitive benefits?
    2. Quality?
      1. Would making the hiring process more rigorous help?
      2. Do you have a sufficient training budget?
      3. What are the differences between your good and bad employees?
        1. Noticed during the hiring process?
        2. Noticed afterwards?
        3. Consider an evaluation if the answer is unknown.

  3. Do you have a reputation issue?
    1. How was the issue identified?
    2. Who is saying what?
    3. How can we treat the symptom of low reputation?
    4. How can we treat the disease which caused low reputation?
  4. Do you have a marketing issue?
    1. Do you have a branding issue?
      1. Colors?
      2. Logo?
      3. Name?
      4. Slogan?
    2. Do you have a marketing effort issue?
      1. Spend?
      2. Mix?
      3. Implementation?
  5. Do you have a capital issue?
    1. Marginal benefit
  6. Do you have a money issue?
  7. Do you have a performance issue?
    1. Competitive analysis.
  8. Do you have a profitability issue?
    1. Long term or short term?
      1. Long term
        1. Savings plan issue?
      2. Short term
        1. Demand or supply issue?
    2. Tax issue?
  9. Do you have a growth issue?
    1. Business plan
    2. R&D
  10. Do you have a legal issue?
    1. Can it be resolved with a decent lawyer?
    2. Can it be resolved with certain legal agreements?
    3. Can it be resolved by taking business online/offline?
    4. Can it be resolved by changing business location?
      1. City?
      2. County?
      3. State?
      4. Country?
  11. Do you have an issue where the root is unknown?
    1. Consider a business evaluation. Like an in-person one. Not an automated one like this. Because automated ones can only output a solution when the proper information is input, but in-person evaluators can uncover the proper information where it does not yet exist.
  12. Do you have a quality website?
    1. Website exists?
    2. Traffic level?
    3. SEO?
    4. Bounce rate?
    5. Conversion rate(s)?
      1. Ad.
      2. Sales.
      3. Social.
      4. Search Engine.
      5. Other.
  13. Do you have a data issue?
    1. Do you have an email list?
      1. Do you have a contact or consumer database with more than names and emails? What about phone numbers, mailing addresses, age, gender, and more?
    2. Point of Sale data collection.
    3. Systematic data collection.
  14. Do you have a social issue?
    1. Favor social connection over performance in the hiring process, sales process, or B2B interactions?
      1. Social connection over performance can be acceptable from a business perspective if and only if those social connections result in gains to the business in excess of their costs to the business.
    2. Intra-firm interpersonal conflict?
    3. Conflict between consumers and the firm?
      1. At large or identifiable individuals?
      2. Look for reputation issues as well.
  15. Do you have a structural issue?
    1. Size or scale issues?
    2. Layers of management?
    3. Centralization?
    4. Legal structure?

Marginal benefit per marginal cost matters more to business than marginal benefit per marginal unit. What is the cost of the marginal unit?


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