Machine Learning is a Subfield of Statistics

I have a background in statistics, with an applied emphasis in political science and econometrics. I am also a programmer, but I am just beginning to get serious about machine learning. Before and after looking more deeply, it seems to me that machine learning (ML) is simply a special subfield of statistics. When looking into … Read more

STATA 13-IC Crack Yields True Results

I previously conducted a bunch of analyses using a pirated (or cracked, or hacked, etc.) version of STATA. There is a rumor flying around that STATA has internal code which causes it to intentionally miscompute findings when a pirated version is used. With several caveats, I provide evidence that this rumor is false and the … Read more

Kicking off a job search as a coding career switcher

I previously provided a custom curriculum that helps people learn to code here. Assuming you have already learned to code, this article discusses how to engage the job search. I don’t go over interviewing techniques, just techniques to land interviews. I’m a self-taught developer and a career switcher. Switching careers wasn’t easy, but I was … Read more

Energy vs BPM in Music

This tool integrates with Spotify and allows you to sort your playlist. It presents an option called Energy and I have no idea how that is computed. I tweeted to ask the creative engineers here. This article speculates on how I would think energy would need to be computed in order to make it preferred … Read more

SSL Setup: Do This, Not That

I recently added SSL to this website. I’ve also set up SSL on commercial sites several times. This article gives my recommendations on small/hobby project SSL, like this website, and on commercial stuff. tldr; commercially, your cloud vendor should be able to provision an SSL cert quickly, easily, and relatively cheaply. Use an AWS ALB, … Read more

Elasticity and Efficiency

Does the concept of economic mobility from a firm perspective contradict the notion of robustness implying efficiency? That is, if firms are rapidly and elastically created, used, and destroyed for short-term purposes, should we consider them inefficient? It seems to me that elastic firm dynamics, where a firm is rapidly created, utilized, and destroyed, are … Read more

Fixing SSL Zen Unexpected Expiry

I use Let’s Encrypt to get free SSL certificates for WordPress via a plugin called SSL Zen. I recently had an unexpected SSL expiration and users were seeing “This site may not be secure” warnings. This article documents how I fixed the issue. Basically, I wrote the solution here. Why did the issue occur in … Read more