STATA 13-IC Crack Yields True Results

I previously conducted a bunch of analyses using a pirated (or cracked, or hacked, etc.) version of STATA. There is a rumor flying around that STATA has internal code which causes it to intentionally miscompute findings when a pirated version is used. With several caveats, I provide evidence that this rumor is false and the … Read more STATA 13-IC Crack Yields True Results

Kicking off a job search as a coding career switcher

I previously provided a custom curriculum that helps people learn to code here. Assuming you have already learned to code, this article discusses how to engage the job search. I don’t go over interviewing techniques, just techniques to land interviews. I’m a self-taught developer and a career switcher. Switching careers wasn’t easy, but I was … Read more Kicking off a job search as a coding career switcher

SSL Setup: Do This, Not That

I recently added SSL to this website. I’ve also set up SSL on commercial sites several times. This article gives my recommendations on small/hobby project SSL, like this website, and on commercial stuff. tldr; commercially, your cloud vendor should be able to provision an SSL cert quickly, easily, and relatively cheaply. Use an AWS ALB, … Read more SSL Setup: Do This, Not That

How long should it take to find a job after learning to program?

I recently created an 8 week coding curriculum. Following the 8 week curriculum is a month-long continued self study and job prep period which yields a minimum experience of 3 months prior to the job hunt. How long should it take a typical student to obtain a programming job after completing this curriculum? How much … Read more How long should it take to find a job after learning to program?

Elasticity and Efficiency

Does the concept of economic mobility from a firm perspective contradict the notion of robustness implying efficiency? That is, if firms are rapidly and elastically created, used, and destroyed for short-term purposes, should we consider them inefficient? It seems to me that elastic firm dynamics, where a firm is rapidly created, utilized, and destroyed, are … Read more Elasticity and Efficiency

Pioneer Hackathon Retrospective

This article describes what I learned during recent hackathon participation. Before I dive in, let me give a shoutout to this great team, and a double-shoutout to Ben Awad for organizing the team: Alex Luong (Twitter, GitHub) Ben Awad (Twitter, GitHub) Radi Huq (Twitter, GitHub) First I’ll describe the hackathon, then I will describe what … Read more Pioneer Hackathon Retrospective

An 8 Week Coding Curriculum

This article outlines a curriculum that can be used by a senior programmer to mentor and train a learner from scratch. This curriculum is heavily applied with a focus on web development. As of 2020, I recommend learning React for reasons outlined here. I recommend learning SQL over NoSQL for employability reasons. I recommend following … Read more An 8 Week Coding Curriculum