On the Scientistic Ethic

Let’s broadly consider scientism to be something like the belief that science is the best means toward truth or that Christianity represents an unimportant addition to human knowledge over and above secular science. Let’s further define science narrowly as the best-practice implementation in modern times, including peer review and so on. In this case, there … Read more On the Scientistic Ethic

Early Thoughts on Christian Transhumanism

I’ve thought about Christian Transhumanism off and on in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever done a deep dive. I will be reading and listening more soon, but this article summarizes my current thoughts as of now. This line of thought is inspired by listening to a pair of podcast episodes: Ep 37: … Read more Early Thoughts on Christian Transhumanism

For and Against the Multiverse

This article gives an argument against the multiverse and then gives a strong rebuttal to the argument. The argument against the multiverse is from the single experience of consciousness. I think I’ve made it before but I can’t find the article. Let’s call it Argument A. Anyway it goes like this: Suppose a natural of … Read more For and Against the Multiverse

On Williams and Ehrman

Peter J Williams and Bart Ehrman recently conducted an exceptional discussion of the historicity of the gospels on the Unbelievable show. This article includes criticisms of either side. Against the Christian side: I think Peter was overly reluctant against granting the possibility of contradictions or errors in the gospel. In the case of the death … Read more On Williams and Ehrman

Eleven Arguments to Prefer Christianity to Islam

This article presents eight arguments over three categories to show that Christianity should be preferred over Islam. The main reason we should prefer Christianity over Islam, or Judaism, is because Christianity is true. The first category contains three arguments for the truth of the resurrection of Jesus. Many things are true, however, and not all … Read more Eleven Arguments to Prefer Christianity to Islam

The Great Debate On Morality, Opening Remarks

This prospective article is drafted to outline my opening remarks for a live YouTube debate with my friend Dan Rothschild. This is part one of a series of at least two and possibly three. After the debate, I will write a postmortem and collect relevant links in that article, including a link to this article … Read more The Great Debate On Morality, Opening Remarks