Thomas Sowell’s Interesting Points on IQ

In his interview with Crowder, Sowell made at least four points I thought were interesting related to IQ, showing IQ to be more nurture and less genetic than previously thought: The first-born child has higher IQ than a later born child. The only child has a higher IQ than the average first-born child. Twins have … Read more Thomas Sowell’s Interesting Points on IQ

Measuring Importance with Stack Exchange

This article discusses a way to leverage Stack Exchange to generate importance data. There are two sorts of articles and it’s important to correctly identify which is which: Articles written because an author wants to write it and articles written because a reader wants to read it. Ideally there’s a good bit of overlap but … Read more Measuring Importance with Stack Exchange

Google’s Disconcerting Project Aristotle

NYT released an article reporting Google’s findings from an internal research project called Project Aristotle. It found that technical skill doesn’t matter that much in team building. They found the key factor was psychological safety. This article discusses some reasons I find it hard to trust Google’s results. Four key issues are front and center: … Read more Google’s Disconcerting Project Aristotle

The Case for Angular, from a Hater

I am an Angular hater, although less and less so each day. This article discusses why someone like me would recommend a commercial application be written in Angular. 1. What Was the Problem? Why don’t I like Angular? I looked into it when version 2.x first came out and compared it to alternatives. I consider … Read more The Case for Angular, from a Hater

A Quick Protip When Debugging Node with Chrome Tools

Did you know you can use Chrome tools to debug Node? You can and it’s awesome. But, when you are using the Dev Tools Workspace feature, also normally awesome, an annoying thing can happen: You get duplicated results because it is being read out of the file system and also out of the Workspace sources. … Read more A Quick Protip When Debugging Node with Chrome Tools

Node ORM Comparison Table

  This article contains table data for a comparison of NodeJS ORMs. Data can also be viewed on this Google Doc. DB Support Generate Schema and Tables Generate API Webpack Express Performance Syntax Star-to-Issue* Normalized Star-to-Issue Extra Features Maintenence Documentation TOTAL mapper 5 0 0 3 3 8 5 35 2 0 1 5 32 … Read more Node ORM Comparison Table

Why All Existing JS CMS Solutions are Shit

This article explains, in moderate detail, why I am starting to build an open source Node + Express + Angular CMS, called NG Express CMS. The answer is that all existing alternatives are shit, so I need to make one from scratch. 1. Contents Contents Existing Angular Solutions Why Angular CMS is shit Why Butter … Read more Why All Existing JS CMS Solutions are Shit

Are Stereotypes Inherently Problematic?

tldr; no Statistical discrimination is often useful. False stereotypes are problematic, but they are problematic because they are false, not because they are stereotypes. True stereotypes are useful. Below I paste a comment from a video by Epydemic2020. His video criticizes the use of the term ‘mansplaining’: “Stereotypes are inherently problematic” nah. If the stereotype … Read more Are Stereotypes Inherently Problematic?

The Future of Food is Litty McGee

This article roughly estimates a healthy cost per meal for your use in a budget, and mentions related services of interest. Food is awesome. I’m fortunate enough to have a wife that can cook, some cooking skills of my own, a living location in proximity to many good restaurants, and a budget to more or … Read more The Future of Food is Litty McGee