Comparing 7 Top Coupon and Discount Extensions in 2020

I’ve heard a ton about how Honey can save money during the online checkout process by automatically finding coupons. I also work for Capital One, so I’ve heard similar stories about Wikibuy. Which is better, and while I’m at it, what about their other top competitors as of 2020? I did a Google search for … Read more Comparing 7 Top Coupon and Discount Extensions in 2020

EQ Tactics from Six Books

I’ve recently been seeking to develop my EQ, communication skills, and social influence skill by reading six books. This article aggregates my main notes from those books, with a focus on specific applied tactics and actions learned. I read all of these books as audiobooks through Audible. Radical Candor: Fully Revised & Updated Edition, Kim … Read more EQ Tactics from Six Books

BibTex Troubleshooting

I recently had trouble compiling citations into my LaTex document from a BibTex source. This article explains how I overcame the issues. I use both TeXworks and VS Code with LaTeX workshop. To prevent possible incompatibility, I disabled autobuild in LaTeX workshop. Reduce my entire .tex file and bibfile to a single paragraph with a … Read more BibTex Troubleshooting

Polysaccharide K May Combat Multiple Sclerosis

Let me preface this article by saying I am not a medical expert of any sort. I recently saw an interesting article claiming Polysaccharide K could inhibit or reverse several kinds of cancer. I looked briefly into the academic literature on this, which was confirmatory, and while trying to understand the immune response to this … Read more Polysaccharide K May Combat Multiple Sclerosis

Adding to John Vandivier’s Bio

A friend recently invited me to a political discussion. One introductory question was about each individual’s current political attitudes and how they saw those develop in their own lives. What I wrote is repeated here. I’m an anarcho-capitalist. I’m also a Christian and a conservative, but not a Republican.I was more or less born into … Read more Adding to John Vandivier’s Bio

Tim Ferris Manages Up on Remote Work

As a software developer, it’s super weird that I have to manage and train my organizational superiors. It’s a notion that economists and business thinkers in academia generally rule out before the analysis, but it’s a real thing. Software development firms are sometimes spoken of as flat organizations, but in fact many teams are genuinely … Read more Tim Ferris Manages Up on Remote Work

Included Variable Bias

In statistics we often complain about omitted variable bias. Throughout my academic training, however, I have never been instructed against included variable bias. Omitted variable bias is the case where a regression fails to include a right hand factor. As a result, some of the explanatory power that the missing factor properly deserves is improperly … Read more Included Variable Bias

A Quick Hack to Help Intermittent Fasting

My intermittent fasting plan restricts eating to between noon and 8 PM. Sometimes intermittent fasting is hard because I get hungry. I’ve noticed instead of committing not to eat for X hours it’s sometimes mentally easier for me to commit not to eat until after I finish drinking X cups of water, coffee, or tea. … Read more A Quick Hack to Help Intermittent Fasting