Is Noah’s Ark a Problem?

A quora question asks “How many animals did Noah take into the ark?” One user answers, “Here is the Genesis and Genetics answer…Fundamentally, all of the species currently defined by modern science were on the Ark…Our study of the mouse was fascinating in that we found that there are more than one hundred mouse kinds/species, … Read more

Ghosts of the Singularity

This article is a three-part fictional short story or fanfic based on Nexomon, which I have recently been streaming. tldr; The original story has a bit of a plot hole regarding how Nexomon came about, and I fill that with an explanation from artificial general intelligence, whole brain emulation, the internet of things, and augmented … Read more

More Awesome Black Thinkers and Some Thoughts on Leadership

Last year, I discussed The 5-Link Chain of Great Black Thinkers, and I am pleased to have mentioned the late Dr. Williams before his unfortunate passing in December. This article adds to the list. Keep in mind that these thinkers are individuals I specifically place in the liberty-minded and/or small-c conservative tradition, so the growing … Read more

1/22/21 – Release Radar Favorites

I get a weekly release radar with new songs from artists that I follow on Spotify. This article notes my favorite songs from the past week: Standing in the Storm, August Burns Red Kärlek Slutar Alltid Med Bråk, Molly Sandén Everything, 3LAU Use Me, Emerald Royce Anxious, Dennis Lloyd The Blessing, Elevation Worship New Day, … Read more

Energy vs BPM in Music

This tool integrates with Spotify and allows you to sort your playlist. It presents an option called Energy and I have no idea how that is computed. I tweeted to ask the creative engineers here. This article speculates on how I would think energy would need to be computed in order to make it preferred … Read more

The Names of My Children

I have two kids with my wife, Christina, and I wanted to jot down their name meaning. My first-born son is Samuel Luke Vandivier and he is 2 years old. My second-born daughter is Ellie Marie Vandivier and she turns 6 months old later this month. My wife and I are intentional about not choosing … Read more

Jack Dorsey, a Plausible Libertarian

I’ve listened to Jack Dorsey talk a few times including his discussions with Joe Rogan and Lex Friedman. Dorsey is CEO of Twitter and Square. Twitter is a revolutionary social media app and Square is a revolutionary payment processing app. Dorsey is technical in that he actually programs and he co-founded Twitter including technical code … Read more

What is Racism?

While posting a picture from the grocery store of separate packs of white and brown eggs for sale, I joked with a hint of genuine curiosity, “I wonder if racism enters into egg purchases.” A foreign friend commented with the question, “What is the definition of a racist person?” A conversation broke out which appears … Read more

On Beginning to Stream Code

This article describes my experience streaming code to date, motivation, some tricks I’ve learned, and future plans. My Experience So Far I started out blogging just over 10 years ago. About 7 years ago I committed to an at-least-monthly publication schedule. I began creating very simple YouTube videos about 9 years ago I have never … Read more