Hypernontraditional Learning Strategies and Project Concepts

Introduction CAVEAT: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPECULATIVE ADVICE. APPLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Within the context of software engineering, this article will distinguish between traditional, alternative, and hypernontraditional (HNT) learning strategies, describes coding projects associated with each learning style, and speculates about cases where hypernontraditional solutions might be indicated. The three concrete HNT approaches described are … Read more

Why and How to Create an Independent Research Institution

This article collects notes on why and how to create an independent research institution. Note that this article reflects my own current understanding and has not been reviewed or confirmed by legal experts, granting institutions, universities, or really anyone. There’s a good chance that I’m missing some important context. Still, I hope to collect some … Read more

The State of Diversity in US Tech

The US leads the world in gender diversity among professional software engineers. Source, Stack Overflow developer surveys 2011-2021, with emphasis on the most recent year of data. While software development is not particularly diverse, it is not among the least diverse industries and adjacent job families in the broader tech ecosystem are among the most … Read more

Legal Tax Avoidance with Cryptocurrency

Disclaimer: I’m not a legal or financial expert under the law and this article is for educational purposes. A partial history of British Tax Havens is given in this source from Norbert Braspenning. According to Norbert, the notion of an offshore transaction legally means that a person sitting in London can execute some tasks and, … Read more

Updating a Paper on Perceived Skill Gaps

I updated this article with stream notes following the streaming of part 6 and part 7. View the saved stream on Twitch or YouTube. Twitch also has some short highlight clips: Contra Carr: You Can’t Write a Publishable Paper in a Weekend College Doesn’t Signal Better Work Ethic. Work History Does. Using Grammarly to Improve … Read more

Shades of Unschooling

Meet the unschoolers is a nice introduction to unschooling. It clarifies that unschoolers may be homeschooled or may attend another school at the same time. It introduces the distinction between unschooling and radical unschooling. It helps us understand why unschooling is mostly cool but not all cool. With traditional formal education in the US, “Most … Read more

Results from a Survey About Education

Early results based on a recent Alternative Creds Baseline Attitudinal survey. Sampled 2/26. Outline: Survey Objective and Content Findings Some Related Theory Related External Articles I. Survey Objective and Content 1.1 Objective Contribute to research on alternative credentials mainly by understanding factors affecting employer willingness to accept alternative credentials. 1.2 Content – Not in Order [Statement, not … Read more

Alternative Paths to Traditional Education

I’ve written quite a bit on the economics of education. My focus has been on alternative credentials. This article distinguishes a concept called an alternative path and describes the importance of that concept. Outline: Definitions Big Picture Theoretical Context Applied Macroeconomic Context Applied Microeconomic Context Concrete Examples Bottleneck Diagnosis I. Defining Alternative Credentials, Paths, and Pedagogies … Read more