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This tour will explain the menu bar above and the goals of our organization.

After Economics Core Goals

  • Improve education in economics
  • Empower personal application of economics
  • Facilitate social organization and collective action to improve the economy

Menu Bar

Home – Takes you to the homepage.

About – Learn more about the After Economics including core goals of the organization, or read a little about the After Economics Editor and Administrator John Vandivier. This is also where you can find the tour.

Articles – After Economics constantly produces a wide range of fresh and original content!

Exams – These exams cover content from the Theses section. For now they are tools to help self-check understanding. We intend to implement badges later on for bragging rights.

Gallery – Memes, infograms, GIFs and other kinds of images to help entertain and educate!

Quotes – The quotes section provides an interesting read and a bit of ammunition in a debate.

Theses – Don’t miss this section! The theses page collects original and third party content which can be used to argue various particular theses.

Topical Study – Learn from original and third party resources grouped by subject.

Congratulations! You have completed the tour.

Wondering what to do next? Start by subscribing to the newsletter and connect with us on Facebook. Then visit the exams section. The scores will indicate whether you should brush up with our theses section or if you are ready for action.

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