About After Economics

TLDR: After Economics teaches economics with a focus on practical application.


After Economics is an organization created to fill in the gap between knowledge and action, particularly in the field of economics. We also provide education resources and we are actively involved in certain research areas.

What comes after learning economics? Mainly application and further learning:

  • Application:
  • Further learning:
    • Ongoing Learning
    • Learning about related fields like politics and philosophy
    • Learn about or research advanced or new areas of economics
    • Discussions and resources related to education and education reform

We start off with a wide combination of original content and recommended third party resources to learn from. We provide some testing resources as well and in other cases we recommend third party testing resources so that you can ensure comprehension. As often as possible we try to ensure that certificates, badges and other forms of proof of comprehension can be obtained by the end user in order to build a portfolio of hard proof of education. All of this is free and that’s only the start!

After we ensure learning and comprehension we bring the focus on our major purpose, a step which even many prominent organizations never reach, which is instruction for practical application. We provide direction to third party resources, some native tools and a social network to engage with. Some of these tools can be used to do things like create and optimize a budget for yourself at home. Other tools as well as the social network can be used for group activities such as organizing a local food drive, crowdfunding a project online or generating interest in a political effort.

To conclude, the goal of our organization is to fuel a movement toward improved quality of life for everyone by ensuring comprehension of some large concepts, and furthermore to help foster successful application of those concepts.