About John Vandivier

TLDR: A seasoned software engineer, tech influencer, and passionate educator who created ladderly.io to help people land their first or next programming role.

Contact John through ladderly.io or social media.

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John Vandivier holds a Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University, specializing in the economics of post-secondary alternative education. John has about ten years of experience as a software engineer, working with well-known firms like Amazon, Capital One, and others.

John is a tech influencer with tens of thousands of followers across TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other platforms. John’s passion for education shines through ladderly.io, his platform aiding learners in coding and tech career acceleration. With hundreds actively benefiting each month, his mission is being realized: To improve lives with practical career advice rooted in both research and personal transformation from political consulting to a more impactful tech pathway.

His position as a leading and passionate educator is a collaborative endeavor. John was recently the featured speaker on the Labor Day Special Edition S3T Podcast, and his open-source contributions during Supabase Launch Week 7 earned him Runner-Up for Best Overall Project.

John currently lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, two children, and a pair of huskies named Copper and Akira. His other hobbies include music, exercise, and caffeine indulgence from sources including but not limited to coffee and tea. The huskies have their own Instagram page here.

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