Empowering Women in Tech in 2023

A reader of my prior analysis on gender diversity and tech passed on this article about empowering women in tech in 2023. I pass it on to you, and I have some added thoughts below: +1 the importance of “Higher business results for companies with gender diversity” and I think there are many additional mechanisms … Read more

Hypernontraditional Learning Strategies and Project Concepts

Introduction CAVEAT: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPECULATIVE ADVICE. APPLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Within the context of software engineering, this article will distinguish between traditional, alternative, and hypernontraditional (HNT) learning strategies, describes coding projects associated with each learning style, and speculates about cases where hypernontraditional solutions might be indicated. The three concrete HNT approaches described are … Read more

5 Contemplative Strategies for Emotional Self-Stimulation

I am interested in contemplative strategies in particular because these can be undertaken during meditation and may lead to an improvement in emotional control that can be leveraged for the purposes of enhanced emotional learning and enhanced performance for other activities. This article has two sections beginning with preparatory guidance and concluding with the specific … Read more