Five GPT-4 Studies Drafted

This article provides abstracts, expected results, target journals, target grants, and preliminary designs for five studies. The goal of this article is to apply the build in public mindset to research. These studies are still in a grant-seeking and preliminary design phase. Outline of Studies: GPT-4 Self-Assessed Research Quality Cross-Validated GPT-4 Literature Review Accuracy GPT-4 … Read more

The SBF EA Red Herring

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) has engaged in problematic behavior that is highly documented at this point. He has ties to the effective altruism (EA) movement that will be noted shortly. Some have used such ties to lambast the entire movement. New York Magazine, for example, asks “Is Effective Altruism Now Defective?” The answer is “no.” I … Read more

Why and How to Create an Independent Research Institution

This article collects notes on why and how to create an independent research institution. Note that this article reflects my own current understanding and has not been reviewed or confirmed by legal experts, granting institutions, universities, or really anyone. There’s a good chance that I’m missing some important context. Still, I hope to collect some … Read more