No Rothbardians by Their Fruit

Those who read my blog will know that I am a fan of the Austrian school, with a variety of caveats including a preference for Hayek over Rothbard and a distaste for their distaste of empirical, microeconomic, experimental, and applied work. In two sections, this article covers some things I have recently learned about the … Read more

Some Austrians Can’t Take a Win

This article points out that the value of bitcoin and cryptocurrency was explained early on solely through Austrian economics, I have used such theory to accurately predict the value of bitcoin ten years ahead of time, and yet I see Austrians like Steve Horowitz and quasi-Austrians like George Selgin arguing against crypto instead of claiming … Read more

Dogecoin: Three Bucks in Three Years

I threw some money into DOGE as an Elon-fanboying, internet-participating joke, but now I’m taking it seriously. This article is a brief fundamental analysis of why I think it will hit at least 1.50, probably closer to $3, and perhaps more, by the end of 2024. I. Better utility than XRP and LTC Litecoin has … Read more